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PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR Out of Stock? Sony Needs to Sort Out Supply Chain | Opinion


PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR Out of Stock? Sony Needs to Sort Out Supply Chain | Opinion


  1. They're both hard to find inside America as well. It took me a month to finally find a PSVR. Haven't seen the PS4Pro on shelves anywhere either.

  2. I wonder if the big hurdle is the use of OLED lenses? Could the PSVR work with just LED lenses? Cheaper and easier to manufacture.

  3. In the Netherlands you can find the playstation vr into different stores , only the big company`s don`t have stock but gameshops have stock..

  4. I am unable to get ps4 pro since November. I have no idea what Sony is doing. I already bought a new TV and few games. Obviously I am not happy with the current situation

  5. The ps vr is not out of stock everywhere. I bought mine from Argos on Friday. At that point they were in stock at the 10 nearest stores to me. I went to smyths toy store toy buy a pair of ps move controllers and ps vr was in stock on the shelves in front of me. You just need to look regularly

  6. ***AND the longer it takes the more people as well. Think about all the people who claimed they would wait or couldn't afford and have to save up. Well this is giving them time and demand will only increase over time. Shame really. Sony is slacking and if Xbox truly does deliver on the Scorpio. Which I don't think they will but if they do Sony may lose out. Xbox will take all out Sony only customers. Especially if Scorpio has room scale or what ever. I don't care for room scale put others do. Sony step it up.

  7. PSVR is out of stock before Sony has already buried it as a failed experiment. No big games announced, many cancellations and even studios closed.

  8. I bought my Pro from GAME with Infamous second son £349.99 when I asked if they had it they had just had some in so I went at the right time and at least got a game with it I haven't played for the same money as just the console.

  9. i am from switzerland and at my local media store they had a ton of playstations vr headset, at least 15 units this is really strange as i am sure what you are saying is true. so if somebody is really desperate i think i could help

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