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REVIEW: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (XBOX 360)


REVIEW: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (XBOX 360)


  1. EA has dropped the ball in a very big way with its "Online Only Sucker!" approach to PVZGW.  EA had a golden oppertunity with PvZGW because its one a handfull of games that are cross genre with broad market appeal.  Not only is it appealing with traditional gamers but it has market potential in every age bracket and group type you can think of it because of its Nintendo like approach. 

    Other then the LEGO line of games there are but a few titles (most of which are platform specific like LITTLE BIG PLANET) with such broad appeal that are not restricted to NINTENDOs platforms. 

    While online gaming is big business its not the only business  As a parent I can tell you that parents typically do NOT want their kids gaming online if at all possible  Making a game that is clearly appealing to younger audiences as well as the traditional and more mature gaming  community is in my opinion very short sighted. 

    So long as PvZGW is online only it will never get the level of market dominance it could have.

    On a side note.  I believe this kind of near police state like control over the game only encourages the pirating community to strip it down, hack it and then re-package it for restriction free play on the PC.  Even if its not hacked to run offline co-op mode the pirates can still setup on their own hosts or come up with directions to host your own as they have done with past games.

    Thumbs up to the reviewer but thumbs down to EA for this epic miss-step in its decision for online only.

  2. Great Review…

    I do have an offtopic question for you?  Why did you stop doing walkthrough? and are doing any more backlog?

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