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Rock Band For PS3?


I heard there were many hardware issues here. So my question is basically,

Do the instruments break after a short amount of play time, and would you suggest I pay the 170 dollars to get the bundle?

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  1. YES get the bundle so u can play with all your Friends or do all of thelm so u get good at it but it doesnt brake to easly but u kinda have to do somthing intenaly but some times bad things happen to good people or in this case games but thats just me.

  2. My sister’s drum set was not accurate, it missed beats. Also, so not bump the system, it will scratch the CD immediately and deem it worthless. I really enjoy RUN TO THE HILLS, IRON MAIDEN. It is fun and it gets alot of laughs.

  3. I’d get it if I were you. Just be careful with the instruments. If you do happen to break one, you can go to the EA customer support and they should send you a new one. I don’t actually have the game yet, but I, hopefully, will receive it, soon.

  4. The only issues are from people that are really rough. All of the hardware is very durable, except for the bass petal. All you have to do is be careful with it, and everything will be great. You can beat on the drums as hard as you want. But only spend the money if you have a lot of friends that can come over and play it all the time, because Band World Tour is sick, it is different than Solo Tour. You actually have to make dicisions, and get fans, but in Solo Tour, you just play like in the guitar heros.

    Get it.

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