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should i buy a xbox 360?


I already have a ps3 but all my mates have xbox 360 i have only a bitof money so i would need to sell my ps3 to buy a new one. or can i buy one of ebay could you just give me some ideas to sell ps3 not buy xbox blah you know what i mean

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  1. I don’t think you should sell your ps3. You can watch blu-ray dvd’s on it. And I don’t think you should buy a 360 if you are money limited. Reason is cause you can play 360 at your friends house and they can play the ps3 at yours. Just use the bit of money you have to buy one or two more controllers.

    No, you shouldn’t buy game systems on ebay. EBGames and Gamestop have good refurbished systems at good low prices. And they are guaranteed.

    If you buy on ebay, and your system fails, it’s too risky and troublesome. You would have to pay for shipping and insurance and confirmation, and that really adds to what it cost you. And you would have to send an email to the seller. It’s just too much.

  2. The only thing I can think of to suggest would be to either trade in the PS3 at a local gamestop or ebgames, or sell it for the money for an xbox. Don’t get a used xbox though. Get a new one.

  3. then if you want to have fun playing xbox 360 live then go for it, playing xbox live is not free. Unlike the online of ps3. So if I were you I will not sell my ps3 to get xbox 360.

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