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Should I keep my Xbox 360 in a horizontal position or vertical postion?


I have a late 2006 model and it works fine, but my friend told me one day to keep it vertical and said that if it is horizontal, the bottom of it (the side if its vertical) would become really hot. But I realized that if it is vertical, the bottom intake vent would be blocked (the really big one). Also, I have read of disc damage happening to vertically positioned Xbox 360’s

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  1. i dont know but it doesnt make a difference u can buy additional vent but when its vertical its cool

  2. im not sure but i recommend vertical because my controller is more accurate when done so so ya

  3. I believe keeping your xbox 360 in the horizontal position will benefit you more because there’s less risk in disk damage and dust will be harder to build up on the bottom.

    I had my 360 in the vertical position for a year and I soon realized dust can get through the two vents on each side. I’m not saying this is true, but I think more people get the red lights having their 360 in the vertical than the horizontal.

    I don’t know if you know this already but don’t put an inter cooler on your 360 because it voids the warranty.

    Hope this helped with your decision! =]

  4. when you keep it vertical it scratches the disks so you might want to buy one of those cooling fans to put on the consule

  5. Yo dont get the nyco intercooler it will just burn the side of your x box!!

    P.S Don’t get accesories for your 360 unless it is certified or licensed by microsoft

  6. It does help with heating issues, but there can be damage to the disk if you move it while it is running. DONT DO THAT!

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