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Should I put my ps3 horizontal or vertical?


I’d put it vertical loOks pretty neat but I heard somin about it heatin up? Pls help

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  1. There was a myth about Vertical causing YLOD however I got a refurbished PS3 60gb launch model from sony and within three month of it being horizontal, it got YLOD.

    There’s no realistic prevention of YLOD and from personal experience, it’s irrelevant which way the console is positioned. Just make sure the vents are not blocked.

  2. i keep mine vertical for the reason that its a lot easier to cool down because if u have a fan right next to it like me, it’ll cool down the bottom part of the ps3 which is the part that heats up fast. but if ur not gonna use a fan, i would put it horizontal

  3. No, there is no problem of overheating. Putting it vertically is great, it just adds the risk of it being broken if it falls.

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