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SingStar + Dance Songliste [PS3]


SingStar + Dance Songliste [PS3]

SingStar PS3, Adele, Someone like you


  1. Who knows song i dnt remember name song xdd i only remember three girls blond brunette and redhair eh and they are in … i forget xddd good video ^^

  2. Can I purchase this game for just to sing the songs? Not really interested in the dance part of the game.

  3. I love the PS3. It's the console which allows me to play my favourite game of all time, The Last of Us.

    Recently I bought a dynamic XMB The Last of Us theme and it's awesome. But what bothers me is that when I start my PS3 up, and switch to the Game category, I have to watch the horrible blue fullscreen SingStar spam. I'm not interested in SingStar and I can't get rid of the icon.

    So I get all pumped up and hyped up for playing The Last of Us, I launch the console, and while the game disc is loading, I gotta watch the screen turn helplessly from the climatic The Last of Us dynamic theme to the blue fullscreen spam which is SingStar…That basically ruins my hype a bit, every single time.

    Does this make any sense?

  4. Strictly for homos and girls. Get it off my XMB. Damn, but Xbox is starting to look a lot more attractive.

  5. una consulta decisiva, estas canciones traen coreografia como en el just dance ??? osea el sistema de ver al bailarin ? si es asi me lo compro fijo, tengo el JD4 y es excelente, me compre el everybody dance 2 y me parecio malazo, quiero saber de este.

  6. Soozibags
    way i rember that by my school
    Adele went to it yep she did
    never saw her again then she
    became famous

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