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Skyrim Xbox add ons aren’t working.?


I downloaded all the add ons for xbox (dawnguard, hearthfire, and dragonborn), it shows up that the add ons are downloaded but I can’t adopt children, buy a plot of land, no one (guards) speak of the dawnguard recruiting, no people from the add ons show up and there aren’t any vampires running around killing people, no children from hearthfire show up.

I downloaded it when I first bought them with the points then I decided to erase skyrim memory off my Xbox an start over again (bugs) and I redownloaded the add ons and I thought I had it on but u couldn’t find or do the things I did. Anyone know why?

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  1. Maybe having them all downloaded at once has glitches it out? If you can, download them one at a time, and maybe having them take turns like that will fix it instead of them all trying to go at once. I’m really not sure why any of that happened, and I don’t really know if this solution will work, but I’m thinking its just having to do with downloading them or the way you downloaded them.

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