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Sonic Unleashed (PS3/X360) Review


Everyone knows you never go full werehog.

Sonic Unleashed (PS3/X360) Review


  1. This isnt even a fair review….he's just talking shit the ENTIRE video. The night time levels are definitely not sonic, but man those day time levels are the best levels sonics seen in a long time!

  2. Lol! "Getting beat up by a piniata" Hey man it's not my fault your playing bad to make the game look like shit

  3. I've played the game myself. Can't complain. But I do believe they could have done a whole lot better with the war- I mean WEREhog thing.

    I last played it as a kid and I barely remember it…. How good was it REALLY?

  4. IGN: Oh a new Sonic game, mmm how can i make my mind more stupid? Oh "Big piece of trash BIG piece of trash" YOU IDIOTS

  5. This review is pretty bad i would give this version 8/10 And the Wii/PlayStation 2 version 9/10 i prefer that one honestly but this version isn't too bad either.

  6. Every once in a while I come to revisit this video to see all the support for this game.
    But also for the 8 year old comments that, even then called this review trash.

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