Home Videos The 10 best PS4 games (as of Feb 2017)

The 10 best PS4 games (as of Feb 2017)


Our Best PS4 Games list works in ascending order, building up to the number one slot and we’ll even tell you whether an entry is enhanced for the PS4 Pro. So get ready to argue, this is OUR list for the top 10 games on PS4… (as of February 2017)
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The 10 best PS4 games (as of Feb 2017)


  1. Witcher 3 is #1. MGS 5 was complete garbage and most of the games on this list are multi platform games idgi

  2. any games from this list could be no. 1 , it depends on which game you prefer.. for me i like the third person type of games.. so it will be UC,MGS,WITCHER and GTAV.. by the way why does AC are not included?

  3. where the fuck is skyrim, it's remastered version is still better then most of games u mentioned in your shitty list and where is last of us remastered

  4. wow, seriously Witcher 3 on number 7, this shows me u don't know anything about games. Witcher should be in top 3 slots.

  5. I'm stuck between getting Saints Row 4 Re Elected, Buying all the DLCs on BO3, Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 or Kingdom Hearts 2.8

  6. Should i get Overwatch?
    The problem is when i buy games i play the fuck out of them
    to the point where i would beat it in 3 days tops
    i beat fucking residient evil 7 same day i got it

    I don´t like how quick i beat them cuz sense i can´t return them it seems like a HUGE waste of money
    I feel as if online games would last longer

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