The Crew – Launch Trailer

The Crew – Launch Trailer


The Crew - Launch Trailer


  1. Who else just plays this game to crash into other cars and wreak havoc on the roads and doesnt actually play story mode?

  2. anyone remember a game on PS1 called "Vanishing Point"? If yes, can you tell me If Ubisoft is a developer of that game? because If not, there is a stealed scene from that ps1 game, which had exactly the same scene in its trailer.. im talking about that three cars racing between themselves and truck comes in and crash into one, and the crashed car is flipping from the hill.. you can search on youtube "vanishing point ps1 trailer" or something like that.. its a race between Mini, Dodge Viper and Lotus Elise.. and the truck comes in and… BOOOM 😀 (sorry for my bad english)

  3. I'm not gonna lie,the game graphics are really good I like it , but the video looks like freeking real life it looks nothing like the game graphics
    But if I had to chose 1,I would chose the game graphics

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