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Tinertia Review : Rocketjumping, Speedrunning, Airdashing Gameplay


In this “Let’s Review of Tinertia we take a brief trip through the first world and fight the Recyclops boss. At the end there is a Tinertia review with score breakdowns.

Tinertia is as deep as you feel like making it. A Tinertia speedrun won’t be accomplished your first time around. Tinertia has a multitude of tips and tricks which must be mastered to succeed.

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Tinertia is on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/311930/

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Hardcore Platformer, No Jump Button! Escape an abandoned planet run by a twisted AI called the ARC. Rocket-jump your way through 80 devious levels and 8 epic Bosses.

Hardcore Platformer. No Jump Button!
Tinertia is a hardcore platformer without a jump button. You can shoot rockets in any direction. Shoot at your feet to rocket-jump upwards or shoot to the side to gain speed. Shoot anywhere, all the time, infinite ammo for the win!

Escape the ARC
You play as Weldon a small robot who’s stranded on an abandoned planet. The planet is run by a devious AI called the ARC and it doesn’t take kindly to visitors. Use your rocket-jumping to overcome deadly obstacles, escape robot bosses, and find your way off the planet.

No Speed Limit
Tinertia is all about physics. Master the controls to manipulate your momentum and go fast! There’s no speed limit, your movement is only limited by your skill.

It’s Hard!
You might die… Repeatedly. But then you’ll master the controls, like a baus.

8 Unique Environments
8 Robo-Bosses
80+ Challenging Levels
Speed Run and Rocket Challenges
#YOLO Challenge
Unlockable Skins
Leaderboards and Replay System

Controller Support
Keyboard & Mouse
PlayStation DualShock 4
PlayStation DualShock 3
Xbox 360
Logitech F310

We’ve launched Early Access with the first 4 Worlds and Bosses. Check it out! We’ll be updating the game periodically with new levels, features, and bug fixes. Final release is scheduled for early 2015.

Tinertia is an incredibly fun and challenging platformer with no jump button. The rocket jump controls are easy to pick up, but tricky to master. Once you get the hang of the controls, there is nothing more satisfying the doing a “Speed-Run” and beating all your friends best times. Check out Twitch & YouTube for some great gameplay videos. Definitely a fun game with excellent graphics. Absolutely worth the money! I got to watch some great footage of Tinertia at PAX East at the Twitch booth. This game is an absolute must-have if you love challenging platformers like Super Meat Boy. -snowman

Surrounded by the metal wastelands of the planet Tinertia you assume the role of a small and scrappy little robot alone and stranded at the Core, armed with nothing but your trusty self-propelling rocket launcher. Only the watchful eye of the rogue A.I. known as A.R.C and his recycled minions stand inbetween you and your freedom. Tinertia features a simple, effective and intuitive Rocketjump oriented platforming mechanic utilizing only twin-stick controls and no jump button. The gameplay itself however is anything but simple pitting you against a harsh dystopic landscape of the most treacherous of hazards and its maze-like passages each protected by deranged titan-like bosses.

Tinertia is exceedingly easy to pick up and play, yet manages to be deceptively difficult enough to keep the most refined platformer fans retrying stages for hours before things really click and gravity-defying skills are fully employed. Remember the excitement of discovering rocket jumping in Quake or the aerial excitement of concussion maps from Team Fortress Classic? If you’ve ever wanted to see those concepts applied to another genre as badly as I did, this is the game for you.

Tinertia looks and sounds great, with some of slickest visuals around for a platfomer that are even more eye-popping in combination with the fluid and destructive physics filling your screen with bits of particles after each blast. The electronic and ambient soundtrack is also catchy and fits the scrapped metal planet and its aesthetics more than perfectly. Overall what you have is not only the most explosive and fast-paced action around for a platformer, but a complete package with all the audio and visual sugar-coating needed for an awesome experience. Even with Tinertia in Early Access it’s a feature complete game that already includes all of the mechanics and solid gameplay. -CueZero

Tinertia Review : Rocketjumping, Speedrunning, Airdashing Gameplay

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