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Top 10 NEW Games of November 2016


The best games for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and 3DS releasing November 2016. It’s a packed month! What are you playing? Let’s talk.
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10- Owlboy (Nov 1, PC)
9- Football Manager 2017 (Nov 4, PC)
8- Mario Party – Star Rush (Nov 4, 3DS)
7- Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Collection (Nov 17, PS4, Xbox One)
6- Planet Coaster (Nov 17, PC)
5- Watch Dogs 2 (Nov 15, PS4, Xbox One, PC)
4- Pokemon Sun & Moon (Nov 18, 3DS)
3- Final Fantasy XV (Nov 29, PS4, Xbox One)
2- Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (Nov 4, PS4, Xbox One, PC)
1- Dishonored 2 (Nov 11, PS4, Xbox One, PC)


Eagle Flight (Nov 8, PSVR)

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Nov 8, (PS4, Vita)

Top 10 NEW Games of November 2016

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  1. Pokémon Sun and Moon was the only game I cared for this year. 2017 has more games that interest me like Splatoon, Mario, Pokémon and Sonic

  2. For me Pokemon Sun and Moon was a big dissapointment:
    1st-It didn't have any new Eeveloutions
    2nd-It didn't have new mega evolutions
    3rd-All we got is new pokemon, but a lot of people wanted more mega evolutions and eeveloutions.
    Overall it wasn't nothing major.

  3. I finished THE CREW. Playing sleeping dogs definitive edition now. What game should I play next? Xbox One I was thinking fallout 4 then Forza 3 then Star Wars battlefront

  4. This ins't a game, but Warframe: The War Within released this month and it was HUGE. DE says it's "the year's most anticipated quest".

  5. Just bought Planet Coaster and GTA 5 ready to download when I get my new gaming PC for Christmas!

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