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Unmechanical: Extended [Xbox One] Walkthrough – All Achievements


Unmechanical: Extended [Xbox One] Walkthrough - All Achievements


  1. This puzzle at 38:18 doesn't work for me, I been doing this for the past 40 minutes and this guy did it in less then a minute!! Follow it as screens show and then I go pull it and it resets it!!

  2. Quick question as I can't find anything on google about it. Is there an added/different interaction that can be achieved in the room that you get repaired in at 59:20 by somehow getting into the vent that goes underneath the room from outside and sitting in the red cauldron thing on the left of the room when the button is pressed?

  3. i did all same until the cannon bomb field with flying bomb and protecting it by robots body from lasers xD. simple but it was different. it changed the game style from there

  4. Is easy the platinum of this game? I bought teslagrad but there are parts that are difficults

  5. Thanks for the video. The solution you use during the part with the movable magnet however is not how you solve it. Appearantly you have to go up into a vent to move the magnet šŸ™‚

  6. great game clip…thxs for helping me get all the achievements!!! Ā please post more vids

  7. Every time I continue the extended episode the robot is no longer there. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if the robot not being there is one but I can't seem to get the last achievement 'rest in piece'. Its no hardship to replay the episode but is this normal? Also, great video?

  8. Great vid! I might suggest having time links to each achievement in the description for people who are looking for the few they have left like I did šŸ˜›

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