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What do you do after beating Bioshock Infinite?


I never got the game or beat it yet. I wanted to get the game, but there’s no multiplayer so I don’t know if there’s anything to do after you beat it. Should I buy it or rent it? If there’s something to do after beating it, I’ll buy it. But if it’s like LA Noire, once you beat the story and there’s nothing to do. I don’t want to waste $60, the game LOOKS AWESOME. But I don’t know if it’ll last. Thanks.


  1. If i were you, i would buy it, no questions asked. Watch a couple of reviews if your still questioning a purchase. I recently completed the game (for PC) and let me tell you, the ending is so suprising that it alone is worth the purchase of the game. The combat is great, the story is one of the best I have played in years and yes, it does have replay value. There are tons of collectables like audio logs and guns plus the company Irrational Games said that they will continue to support the game after the release with story DLC. Do youself a favor and pick up this awesome game.

  2. I would get the game, but rather than instantly going after every story objective take some time to explore Columbia and smell the roses, so to speak.

  3. Well since it’s not a sand box game there isn’t going to be a great deal of re-playability. You might want to play it twice i guess to get all the achievements so maybe renting it is the best option for you. Either way you’re going to want to play it, looking at the reviews it seems to be the best game to come to the Xbox for quite a few years.

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