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What to use to record MW3 Xbox 360? Cheap?


I’m looking to record my gameplay in MW3, and I want it to be good quality, but not for a horrendous price (HD PVR). I found something called the EasyCap, and it’s only $8. That’s what confuses me, if it’s only $8, and I’m using simple Red,White,Yellow cords (I could upgrade to S-Video), would it be 720p-worthy? I’m willing to get S-Video, but not if the cords are alot.

Would the EasyCap be a reliable choice? Pros? Cons?

Also, what are some other cheap alternatives.

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  1. Record your clips in their theater mode. From there just put the files from the Xbox on a flash drive and upload them to your computer.

  2. Easycap is good because it’s cheap, but doesn’t allow for HDMI/HD connections.

    I use this:

    [url is not allowed].

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