Why didn’t i get the Black Ops 2 code when I pre-ordered...

Why didn’t i get the Black Ops 2 code when I pre-ordered CoD: Ghosts?


About a month ago, i heard about CoD: Ghost and Last of Us and i was interested in both. As a moderate fan of the series, (don’t judge me as i have honestly not even tried playing the Battlefield series yet), I pre-ordered CoD: Ghosts, as well as Last of us, and i got the 2-sided poster of CoD: Ghosts but not the code for Black Ops II with the special Gun and Character Camoflauge. Im wondering: Will i get the code once CoD: Ghosts comes out (like inside the box)? or should i question the GameStop about it? Please reply quickly as the thought is legitimately killing me! (also suggest some good PS3 exclusive games.)

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  1. You might get it e-mailed to you, but you should have gotten it printed out on your pre-order receipt.

  2. La mejor versión que he comprado de call of duty, he comprado y otras versiones de call of duty pero ninguna como esta, es la versión Black Ops II que me ha encantado, el juego es espectacular y la entrega perfecta, me encanta que puedo compartir con mis amigos y me gusta la extra de personalizar tu jugador, siempre compro lo mejor con amazon.

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