Why does xbox disconnect when I try to update?

Why does xbox disconnect when I try to update?


So I got the map packs for the mw2 downloaded but nobody could get them to work so I called xbox and they told me to clear my cache. I go to play the game and it needs to download updates for it but it will disconnect when it tries and tell me i need to be connected. then when i go back to the dashboard it is connected again. i’ve had this problem before a long time ago but i can’t remember how i fixed it. help?

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  1. There seems to be a problem with Activision’s servers. This isn’t your fault or your system’s fault. Activision had a major server crash after the map packs were uploaded, and they’re working on a fix for both the system and their servers.

    Sadly, this is a “sit and wait” situation. You aren’t the only one, and frankly, asking Microsoft to help when everyone is having the same problem actually led to an even worse problem for yourself, as not you’re forced to wait for Activision to get their servers back up just so you can download their updates again.

  2. according to Xbox support ( I’m having the same prob) the servers are too full and you’ll have to wait (like the rest of us) till the servers cool down. you’d think they’d expect something like this and prepare better. but meh its ms they don’t care and we still love them l.o.l.

  3. Hi Donnamite,

    I’ve just purchased the new MW2 “stimulus” package as well. I am having the very same problem. I will be connected just fine, and when I go to update the game, it will disconnect and send me back to the dashboard. Once back to the dashboard, I’m connected again just fine. I’ve been reading up on this for the last half hour, and have only found out that it could be due to servers fullness. Everything I have read says to just give it 30mins to an hour and try again.


  4. i downloaded the map pack at around 9 am eastern time, and tried to play the maps but the lobby kept kicking the host and kept restarting the countdown, and for 2 hours i kept trying to play the stimulus maps but couldn’t, while regular maps still work. Since i was already playing i didnt have to update, however around 11 AM eastern time IW started to clear out the severs and begin to fix the maps. IW has released news that this whole mess will be fixed around 2-3 PM eastern time today. So just sit tight.

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