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Why isn’t my USB cable charging my PS4 controller when I plug it into my PS4 and controller?



  1. Have you tried turning it off and on? Just kidding. have you tried plugging it into different power sources like your computer? If that doesn’t work you may have a faulty charger

  2. There could be many problems in this I will list all possible problems and solutions I can think of:

    .ur ps4 charging cable may be faulty try to charge somthing else with the cable (such as a phone) if it does not charge that means ur cable is faulty and u need a replacement (u can get a cheap one off of amazon for probably less than a dollar)

    .another problem could be a faulty usb port on the ps4 u should try to use to use the other port and if that doesnt work try to charge ur mobile phone or any other device on the ps4 and see if it charges if it doesnt give it to the place where u bought it or send it to a sony retail or reseller for fixing. But its probably still under warranty so see if they can fix it first.

    . And lastly if none of the above works u have a faulty controller and if it came with the ps4 and it is under warranty u might be able to get a replacement if not u will have to buy a new one

    Hope this helped.


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