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Will this Playstation work in Australia?


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So this is by far the cheapest 500GB Playstation I can find online, even without the copy of GTA 5 it comes with. But I have a few concerns.

1) Is it all new and legit?

2) Will the cables work in Australia? (we have different power plugs)

3) Someone said some games are region locked. Will this be a problem with this specific console?

Thanks guys 🙂

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  1. yer if u by it yol be stufft man well in austraila we have lock discks unless u can hack dont buy it and dont hack in the 1st place as for the cables you can buy plugs that fit it to t ihe wall. and i dont no if its new or not but if ya buy it yoll only play gta 5 or gams that come from the region hope this help.

  2. Hi

    first off, cables will sure work in austalia or any place, but make sure you have a monitor that supports hdmi or you might need a convertor

    1. yes (i suggest getting it from amazon tho) – [url is not allowed]


    3-there is no such thing called “region locked console” but, some games might be (i don’t think gta or bf or cod will ever be :/ who knows )

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