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WTF Is… – Greed Corp?


WTF Is... - Greed Corp?

Greed Corp - campaign gameplay


  1. The smooth jaz is soooo great for TB haha … Wish he had this kind of music in every video… Very soothing

  2. I think its a bit to late to say this, but hum, you can speed up the game by clicking the next turn button if I recall correctly…

  3. Just to do another 180 and reimplement them (more than likely) once they have an install base.

  4. It also seem to be $1 on Google Play or whatever it's called. So that may be the standard price now.

  5. I was refering to the Apple computer and the following operating system, that definitley isn't suited for gaming what so ever.

  6. @SandVoop Simply because I could =) Ye this game rocks, but at the time I purchased it not enough people played it online to find a decent versus match to upload =(

  7. I really didn't understand the end. Aftrer you moved 13 of your units to tile next to your troops, you had 2 units left which you could easily use to attack the another tile and win the round 1 turn earlier so why use the cannon to kill that one poor enemy and then move only one of your walkers to cartel's last tile. But yes, good tactics, smart use of harvesters and I really love this game 🙂

  8. @TheTmq Ye, it's odd but for single // LAN play alone I'd say it's worth it. I went out of town recently so didn't get to try the online. But if the online is half as good as the campaign, it's great…

  9. It's a fun game…the online doesn't work too good though in that I can never get in a game! BTW the cannon at the end couldnt fire because the cannons cant shoot areas directly next to it…

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