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xbox 360 elite question?


Will the PlayStation 3 HDMI Cable Powerwave work on the xbox 360 elite?


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  1. no they wont cuz microsoft and sony are 2 competing companies and of course there not gonna be compatable wiht each other. unless they parter up.

  2. If its the one I’ve seen probably not, it looks like the plastic bulge would stop it plugging in to the 360.

  3. HDMI is HDMI, so therefore it will work. The HDMI output on the PS3 is the same as the Xbox, if it wasn’t you would need to buy special cables to use HDMI on either and you don’t. I personally switch one HDMI cable between my PS3 and 360. So yes it will work fine.

  4. HDMI is it’s own cable, its manufactured by many third parties also, so if it looks the same and if it fits, it’ll work.

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