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xbox 360 four red lights?


I haven’t played my Xbox 360 in two weeks and it was when i was trying to load portal the game when it froze.

when I started it up again it started blinking ALL FOUR lights and making a humming sound

I tried taking out the AV cable and putting it back in

do you know what happened.

also this was the first time i played portal if that helps.

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  1. wow these people are morons that answered,

    the four red rings is not the red ring of death

    four lights means your av cable is messed up or is not plugged in correctly

  2. its your audio visual cord.clean it, make sure its plugged in correctly.if you still get the lights try another AV cord from a friend, and if it still dont work. you have to contact microsoft support

    UNNLIKE everyone else who thinks your box is doomed its not.

    the link below is your problem.FOUR blinking red lights.Its an AV cord/ detection problem.THREE blinking red lights means you are doomed.


    Your Xbox has died, sorry.

    However, you can contact microsoft. They can repair and send it back to you. It will take a long time though. I believe, but I am not sure, you won’t have to pay for the repair, except for the shipping and handling.

  4. thats called the red ring of death (RROD) basically it means you’re Xbox is broken. I’m sorry

    Basically the console overheated, causing it to crash. There are some short term fixes, one is called the towel trick (just look it up on youtube).

    You’re best bet is to send it back to microsoft, most likely its still under warranty, but it will take around 2 monthes.

    this happens to many, many MANY people. Some people i know have had it happen 4 times already. It is one fault the Xbox has.

  5. its the red ring of death your xbox is pretty much dead your gonna have to call microsoft and send it in theyll prolly charge like 20$ for packaging but they should fix it free and they say theyll send it back in like 4-6 weeks sorry bud it happens to a lotta people

  6. Yea u have the red ring of death which means ur gonna have 2 send it in 2 get repaired b/c its pretty much dead.u could try wrapping it up in like a couple of towels and let it overheat and then turn it back on — this would give u like 5 more days 2 play on ur xbox (my friend did it so it works) but then ur gonna have 2 either get a new xbox or send it in

  7. it propbably means that the Xbox may have overheated, depending on how long you played it, or there’s just some random video/audio problem that can be fixed by cleaning the cable off

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