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Xbox 360 wireless adapter?


I had a cable for a very long time and I had enough. So is the adapter worth the 100 bucks? And does it work faster then a cable? And can you steal wifi from your neighbor? Sorry LOL had to ask.

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  1. No wireless is not faster than an Ethernet cable generally.

    You can’t really steal from your neighbour unless their network is unprotected (ie no WEP or WPA encryption) although WEP is breakable and probably WPA if you’ve got the time and patience to setup and crack it.

    I would say stick with your cable unless you want to pay 100 bucks for a worse experience.

  2. Well, I have it, it is useful, but my modem is downstairs, so it is more convenient if you need it, but it really isn’t worth the money if you have a working ethernet cable long enough.

  3. Even though its wirless its actually faster than cable. (yes it is worth buying and yes if ur neighbor has wifi u can “steal” it aka borrow :P) this is a must have if u plan on doing xbox live

  4. It isn’t worth the $100 if you have a cable. It is slower then wired. You may be able to steal a signal from your neighbor depending on how far away they are and the amount of interference.

  5. The only reason why I have the wirless adapter is because It would be too much of a hassle to connect an ethernet cable to my 360. In theory you can steal the wi-fi from your neighbors but only if their connection isnt locked. But the connection isnt very good because its farther away.

    The wireless adapter is easier than cables but only get it if its more convenient because the price is kinda ridiculous.

  6. i have a wireless adapter its much easier and u can move it around the house an u can steal wifi from ur neighbors if they have wireless internet but it has to be unlocked to do that lol

  7. The wireless adapter is a complete waste of money. For $100 you can get a 10X better wireless adapter than Microsoft’s. Its just that they want you to buy theirs so they can get more money. Thats why they didn’t make the Xbox 360 compatible with other wireless adapters.

    No it does not work faster than a cable. A wired internet connection is as fast as you will get even if your wireless adapter is right next to your modem. The further the distance it is away from your modem, the slower your connection will be. Yeah you probably can steal internet from your neighbor haha but most likely it will be super slow depending on the distance you are away from his/her modem in their house.

    Like what happened to me for example, my Xbox was upstairs in my room while the internet modem was downstairs in the other room. I had a different way of getting Wifi because my desktop used a wireless adapter too. I connected my desktop to my Xbox so my wireless adapter allowed internet acess to both my Xbox and my computer even though my wireless adapter wasn’t compatible with my Xbox. But eventually I got tired of my signal strength jumping up and down from slow to fast and I just wanted a stable fast connection so I switched to wired. I ran a 100 ft. cable from my modem to my Xbox lol. It works really well.

  8. Bought my wireless adapter on Ebay for $40, wireless router at Walmart discount shelf for $12. Love it!

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