xbox live clarification?

xbox live clarification?


so I’m new to the Xbox world and I’m trying to figure out the Xbox live. while setting it up I refused to connect with my Internet, thinking it would charge me. am I wrong? I want to use the Xbox live gold cards but I don’t know how. am I suppose to connect with my Internet anyways? I do NOT want to be charged on the Internet bill. but I don’t know what to do. please explain to me.

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  1. I don’t think you understand how the Internet works. Unless you have a really crappy service, you won’t get charged. There’s a slim possibility they would charge you a media fee if you use a lot of bandwidth, but if you can use your computer to play games or watch movies you would be fine. The only other option is if you have a limited bandwidth and can’t go over a certain amount of gigabytes per month like if you have a cellphone or satellite provider for your internet. In that case, you’d probably go over it and be charged for the extra usage. If it’s your parents’ Internet, ask if there is any limit on your Internet usage.

    Also, you either connect to the Internet through wifi which requires another router or through an ethernet cable.

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