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Xbox One Buying Guide & BEST Games!


Xbox One Buying Guide & BEST Games!


  1. you no how you want a xbox becouse everybody has one and then when you buy a xbox everyone go's on playstation side that's what happened to me

  2. Bought an xbone this week. My only complaint is the controller running on AA batteries…what is this 1998? I would have rather had a wired controller instead. Having to spend $25 on a rechargable battery is ridiculous TBH. But just a minor annoyance, I don't have a lot of complaints other than having to play $50 a year for multiplayer when ps3 and wii u offer it for free. Overall great console, better deal than PS4 now IMO.

  3. pc is better but I want to be comfy while playing and top noch pcs are a few thousand dollars and i don't like the fact you have to download everygame, like what if you download some virus by mistake so I stick with consles in fine with consles. but if someone buys me a super fast expansive pc I'll use it

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  5. I would also add EA Access and X360 Backward Compatibility. These 2 add a lot of value to Xbox One. 🙂

  6. Great video man. It's great to be a console player now. Price of the consoles are going down and there is a lot of great on both platform already.

  7. I got a wii u last year cause I guess I'm a hipster, now I'm thinking the one because it's the underdog of ps4 vs xbox.

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