Xbox One: Good vs Bad

Xbox One: Good vs Bad


Xbox One: Good vs Bad

Top 5 Things I Love About Xbox One (2015)

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  1. Xbox one is garbage,sensitivity too high,ps4 is definitly better the online membership is 17 dollars and xbox one is 25 dollars and its sad cause the ps4 has better handleing and xbox is now garbage to me.

  2. Look, all you brain-dead 7 year old kids out there: Don't get an Xbox One… Is bad.

  3. I really love the graphics and design of the Xbox one I mean what more can I say I just love it I mean sure it has it's problems but hey it's better than the 360 I'll tell you that, let's not forget about the huge home screen all the apps on there and of course backwards compatibility on certain games that is. Unlike PlayStation at least Xbox is better I mean I know I seem a bit braggy on that i'm just telling all y'all how I feel about the Xbox being better than the PlayStation and yes I did have a PlayStation back when I was younger but that was when I was younger so I moved on but anyways the Xbox has everything that the PlayStation doesn't have which of course is backwards compatibility. I'm not too sure about the graphics though but I could tell you that it's worth getting the Xbox one especially when you can multitask on there n not the ps

  4. It's super hard to choose whether I buy the Xb1 or Ps4. First because the Ps4 have the share play, Spotify feature, and the portable PS Vita a.k.a Portable PS4 which i really love. The Xb1 have a Nice W10 Interface, Skype feature, and Very awesome Exclusives like Fortza which I really like… so Which console would u recommend me?

  5. I wonder if there is gonna be some playstation fanboys hmmm (scrolls down) I knew it ●~●

  6. I have both consoles, And I have to say I like Xbox one better. Ps4 Is a good console too, But its filled with a lot of little kids and try hards, lol.

  7. There both the same! They both are black , They are both box, They are both game consoles, They are rectangular shape! OPEN YOUR EYES

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