Home Videos Xbox One S vs. Xbox One (Worth the Buy?)

Xbox One S vs. Xbox One (Worth the Buy?)


Xbox One S vs. Xbox One (Worth the Buy?)

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  1. Im going to wait for project scorpio! I have a 4k tv so I might as well wait for a console that supports it and the power that the console is suppose to have.

  2. The original Xbox One is quieter, controller doesn't feel as cheap, the touch sensitive button is better, USB on the side of the console is way more convenient than having one in front. Data transfers faster from the old HDD to an external drive…games take advantage of the better performance external HDD's can give (for some odd reason). And the old consoles just last a lot longer, the S model has had a lot of problems with the UHD drive no reading discs, crashing and bad Fans. There ya have it. Also the HDR is not that great imo.

  3. So it's pretty much no use of getting the XBOX One S if you don't have an 4k TV? That's why i was thinking of just getting the original XBOX One. It's still backwards compatible with some XBOX 360 games. So yeah i'm really not missing out on much. Though the XBOX One S controller is better. I will give it that. Hey but can you buy the XBOX One S Controller and use it for the original XBOX One?

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