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Xbox360 controller button sticky?


My X and A buttons on my 360 controller are sticking, it doesn’t effect any game play but its super annoying. Is there anything I can do to get it back to normal easily?

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  1. This happened to one of my controllers and I asked my brother to loan me his Torx screwdriver set so I could open the controller and clean it. Which I did and it was fine. But unfortunately, a few weeks later, it happened again. I think it’s because my children like to play on Xbox and they do have grubby hands from time to time! But anyway, as I no longer had the screwdriver set I used a moist dishcloth and washed around the buttons as best I could and it seemed to do the trick.

    But it would be best to open it as I originally did but you will require a special screw driver, you can find at most places, hardware stores, online, such as ebay, amazon. The correct name for what you need is: Tamper Resistant (security) Torx size T8. I did find one on Amazon.com for $4.99.

    Just check it has a long nose as the recess for the screws in the controller are quite long.

    Once you got it opened, just give it a good clean around the buttons. The only thing you got to worry about is getting the vibration motors set back in their place when you come to putting the controller back together.

  2. Take your controller apart and clean the buttons. You can go on YouTube to find videos on how to take your controller’s back off.

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