☆ FIFA 13 All Skills Tutorial (Xbox360/PS3/PC) ☆

☆ FIFA 13 All Skills Tutorial (Xbox360/PS3/PC) ☆


☆ FIFA 13 All Skills Tutorial (Xbox360/PS3/PC) ☆

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  1. I have been trying to do the henry pass on my xbox but for some reason it comes out as a regular pass help needed.

  2. how can you get defenders to run back faster towards the ball? when i play seasons i always had someone who would center or filter the ball and the forward always beats me because i dont know how to get my defenders to run faster. 

  3. Once upon a time 3 songs was called in this video.
    1. Dirty Cannibal Peasants – Discordant Fool Soulremix
    2. Feint – Skyward
    3. Feint – One Thousand Dreams


  4. You have to hold down the left trigger in order to do skills. He explains that in the beginning lmao

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