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#1Turn your ps3 into a ps4 free


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Easy to do just takes your time
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#1Turn your ps3 into a ps4 free


  1. did you hear him say "this is a PlayStation 4" XD ps3 cannot physically run the ps4 os or any of its games. it is legit impossible. So do everybody a favor and learn how to make legit videos. Because this is why YouTube is going to shit.

  2. So you're telling me that you (YouTuber) can magically make a PlayStation 3 play PlayStation 4 games and run the pure graphics upgrade without the PlayStation 3 having any technical difficulties at all? I'd like to know how you did it because you would have to change the motherboard, the disc laser/reader and pretty much everything that makes the PlayStation 3 run.. I suggest you go to school, or go back to school, and do your resurch on technology if you think people are going to believe your blatant lies.. If you could do such a thing as to what you have claimed in your video then I'm pretty sure, if not certain, that you would be a technical engineer for Sony (but don't take that from me, I only went to college and got a LEVEL 2 F**** DEPLOMA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY). You mug. This video just proves that you haven't got the faintest idea of what you're talking about, nor do you have friends, clearly. Because if you had friends.. You wouldn't make potentially one of the worst videos going with your "spare time", as I'm guessing you sit in your room all day thinking of new ways to attempt to fool people into believing you. You're a F**** C*** man. Grow up, GROW SOME F**** BALLS AND LIVE YOU'RE F**** LIFE INSTEAD OF SITTING INSIDE ALL DAY GLUED TO EITHER A T.V. SCREEN OR A F**** COMPUTER SCREEN ALL THE F***** TIME THINKING YOU KNOW IT ALL…..

    Bad language censored for all the little ones who choose to watch your video and/or read the comments

  3. hehehehe This PS4
    If possible convert ps3 on ps4
    So why a company will invent ps4
    This is nonsense
    And fike :3

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