A Look Back At: Too Human

A Look Back At: Too Human


A Look Back At: Too Human


  1. I absolutely loved this game I spent so many hours and finally got the legendary god gear for my class, I love rpgs and this felt like the first mmorpg on xbox 360 I want more of this game I like the concept of a futurustic robotic norse mythology, class system and itemization.

  2. OMG I can't believe you said the developer was Crystal Dynamics and not Silicon Knights. Jeez what a kick in the nuts to Denis Dyack. Silicon Knights made the original Legacy of Kain and the series was taken from them and developed by Crystal Dynamics.

  3. You know what? The first Witcher game was awful, and CDPR still pulled out a win when they made part 2, and we all know how part 3 turned out. I will always hold out at least an ember of hope that SK will come out with a sequel.

  4. I loved the premise of this game's setting. ^_^ The only other work of fiction I've seen like it is Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny.

  5. Great game, really fun just played this the other night. And yet even though the game is basically shutdown someone is still making new weapons and armor for the game.

  6. I just found a cheap and sealed copy of this game, for 10 bucks! Let's see if the game looks as cool as in this video 😀

  7. I enjoyed the game for its good combat.  It had a few reservations about the camera and how the armor wasn't cool enough, but I overall enjoyed the experience.

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