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AMD Jaguar CPU Final Specs Revealed & Benchmark & Performance – CPU of PS4 and Xbox One


AMD Jaguar CPU Final Specs Revealed & Benchmark & Performance - CPU of PS4 and Xbox One


  1. Sure, console OS is optimized and lighter than standard PC OS, but I doubt a console is going to give you roughly twice the potential game processing power than what a typical PC would give you given similar clock speeds and logical cores, unless you're doing some serious multitasking while playing games.  Close unnecessary programs and open your Task Manager.  How much system resources is your PC using at idle?  Surely less than 10% of your CPU capacity.

    Really the most important upgrade for this console generation was the huge increase in RAM capacity and speed.  PCs have traditionally held the edge in texture size, but that is no longer an issue with the new consoles.

  2. Wat?? Pcs don't run better with higher settings. If you lower the game details then the pc will run it FASTER as in the frame rate will increase not decrease. idk where you heard that because you have it backwards

  3. well duh its cos pc games of today run at far higher EVERYTHING but if we drag them down to console detail and res it will run not brilliant but ok

  4. they did for the new ps4 dev kit 1ghz to 2.75ghz we already know that there gona be jaguar apu for desktop if they have good wield they could clock it to 2ghz and the weak one leave them for desktop and put them in low end without allot of lost and it gonna be custom jaguar core so it not gonna be the same x8 bobcat = top end i3 maybe better and closed system need less clock and 8 core is kick ass you don't need power when you have hsa huma ace

  5. I can't remember where you got that cinebench score 1.11 from. But that was one review, while every other tech site gave it a cinebench score of 1.5.

  6. i think i figured it out. the walking dead game disc version has no installation feature. some animations where late with sound and some scenery wasn't loading fast enough. i think its the speed of the bluray. developers have to put the information in a certain order for the information to go smoothly. that's what they did for uncharted.

  7. Would u guys quit freaking out over the Black Flag Ps4 crash, its an unfinished game playing on an unfinished console.

  8. this isn't relevant to the consoles but I bought a gtx evga 650ti and I have a i5 2320 processor is that capable of running the gpu cause when I first bought it worked fine for a couple months but now its crashing every time I play a game. I made sure I had all the newest drivers for everything too

  9. what about the gpu for ps4? any pc alternatives for next gen gaming. I have the 7950 in mind but is it enough for next gen?

  10. What about ps4 second chip is that not for os? plz thumbs up so he can answer plz. Ohh and keep up the good work bro

  11. I don't understand. The e350 is a dual core laptop apu at 1.6ghz. How did you get mid 3000's???

  12. Ok, but how does it compare to the Cell and Xenon? You know, the ones that actually matter. Can you build a PC for $500 that runs a game like Forza 5 at 1080p60? PC CPU are just that, PC cpu's, They cost more and do more.

    They are not high end because they are not PC's.

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