Any good strategy games for PS3?

Any good strategy games for PS3?


I am interested in RTS games. RTS stands for Real-Time Strategy games, which are strategy games. Some popular RTS games are Spore, World of Warcraft, Warcraft, etc. RTS games are pretty much where you have a bunch of characters, and you build structures to help you civilization take over others and try to take over the world. If you have any games for the PS3 like this, please tell me. Easy!

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  1. Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 is a so-so game. I heard Tom Clancy End Ward is relatively good and so is Sid Meier Civilization. Most of the RTS games for consoles like the PS3 and 360 are a love it-hate it thing because these controllers doesn’t do enough justice to the game. RTS IMHO are supposed to be only for the PC as the keyboard is a perfect fit for these games.

    There is a hype surrounding R.U.S.E that is due to come out I believe in September. I seen the trailer and it’s awesome. But again, I’m kinda holding back a bit because of another possible controller issues with the game.

  2. fat princess you maintain your castle while beating others. ff13 you build up your characters. comet crash is llike the mauls in warcraft 3.

  3. mushroom wars is a rts game

    catan is too , it’s a board game like risk

    you might like gravity crash and age of booty too and there are a couple of tower defense strategy games too – pixeljunk monsters and savage moon that are challenging

    all are on psn for download and most have demos

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