Bioshock Infinite Xbox 360/PS3 Frame-Rate Tests

Bioshock Infinite Xbox 360/PS3 Frame-Rate Tests


Bioshock Infinite Xbox 360/PS3 Frame-Rate Tests


  1. I realized that the PS3 did better in the explosions.
    The xbox in question of explosion and fire effects, is inferior to the PS3.

  2. Please test this again now with xbox one bacwardcompatibility. Seems to run better. And the option with unlocked framerate with no screentare

  3. you dirty console peasants get below 30 fps at 720p while us glorious PC gamers get a a solid 60 fps at ultra 4k settings…. …

  4. The PS3 has better frame rate but there's screen tearing the xbox has no screen tearing but low frame rate it's up to you screen tearing or low frame rate I can't really say which is better it's both kinda annoying

  5. It annoys me that DF never did a frame rate test of the Xbox 360 version having v-sync disabled. Maybe they will though when the recently leaked remaster comes out.

  6. Screen tearing is just terrible, I don't know if I prefer a few drops in fps to eliminate it.

  7. hey guys 😀 quick question… i have a wii,ps3, and soon ill get a 360 to complete my console collection of last gen… any games worth picking up for dirt cheap at say gamestop '3?

  8. ahahaha i thought bioshocks were 60fps on console. My pc isnt much (3.0 quad core AMD from 2008, GTX 750 ti, other generic cheap prebuilt shit pc parts) and I run at 80 fps at 1920×1080 instead of 1280×720 (console res) completely maxed out

  9. PS3 in almost everygame loses
    PS3:Fanboys they optimize the game shittyhhhhh and donthhhhh usehh the cpus full powerhhhhh
    When ps3 wins
    Seeehhhhh Ps33333 has better gpurrrr and cpuhh

  10. The reason why games ran better on the 360 initially was the PS3 was incredibly difficult to program for. Most multi-plat games do run better on 360 but some games, like Portal 2 and Bioshock Infinite, took advantage of the PS3's hardware.

  11. nevermind. that was only at the beggining. wow. weird because 360 has an N64's worth more power, and more ram. very surprising.

  12. ps3 drops to 28-20 xbox 360 drops to 24-20 but for the most part 360 has a steady 30, despite rarely droping below the ps3's framerate.

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