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Black ops Sniping Question?


How Do i get better at Sniping I am Decent at sniping now but i want to get better like I do videos on youtube like black ops clips Tomahawks across the map , montages and stuff though I need to get better

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i do sub4sub and I Make introductions message me through youtube ill talk to you about it if your looking an Intro and Message me Sub4sub

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  1. Black ops simply cut down on the amount of sniping that takes place by creating tight shitty maps for and close quarter combat. It is quite hard to rack up a decent killstreak by sniping but; CAMp.snipers are the only people who have the right to camp, it is very odd to see a dude with a sniper running around knifing people.it does not work.

    Find a good spot on the map

    make sure that you have a good view of the surroundings

    use the right equipement; claymores or camera spike can cover your blind side

    spend more time in combat training

    and lastly

    use common sense; you cannot be running around Nuketown with a WA2000? With the harsh reality that quickscoping was removed?

    Also get Call of Duty: modern Warfare 2 if you really want to enjoy sniping

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