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Can you take screenshots of xbox using your droid?


so I have an xbox and I wanna take screenshots using my droid. I notice you can charge your droid using a usb cord. But I really wonder if you can actually take screenshots onto your droid. My computer sucks, so I can’t do it that way. My droid is faster and far more intelligent than my computer. I have an incredible 2, and I would really appreciate it if someone knows any apps that could do the trick. All I want is a screenshot of my skyrim character on the background of my droid without taking a picture of my pathetic tv with poor quality.

And using my computer is a bust bc 1. I don’t have the equipment likeroxio. 2. I tried the dazzle.no signal 3. My comp is a 4550 dimension using windows 7 (thats right, windows 7 on a ten years old comp, my father built it) 4. I tried a 3d game thrix*cough* and it lagged rreeeaaally bad.

I did however, looked REALLY hard to find this answer. Not much luck, but if I had to guess for myself, probably something that has to do with my phone being rooted?. Ppl if thats YOUR answer,then I would loveto know how rooting my incredible 2 will work and how sure you are of any chance of this to work. And DETAILS on that plz.

BUT, if you have a better solution/answer. Plz let me know, you just might save my day. I like this solution better than the confusing rooted one. 🙂

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  1. I don’t see how rooting your phone would do anything to achieve your goal. You would need to add the ability to input a video signal in to your phone, and phones just don’t have that capability. I can’t think of anything that would allow you to do what you want to do. I don’t think it’s possible without a computer and some sort of capture device.

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