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Connecting Xbox Live Modem?


I’m trying to hook up a modem for my Xbox 360, but I’m getting confused. I hooked up the first part of the ethernet cable to the back of my Xbox 360, and I don’t know where to hook the other end up to? It says to hook it up to a DSL Modem but I don’t have one, is this something I have to buy in a store or something? There’s no electrical outlet that the ethernet cable fits into, I know what one looks like but there aren’t any around my Xbox. Any feedback?

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  1. Yes. In order to have high speed Xbox live (which is absolutely necessary) you must have a modem. You can pick them up at any computer/ electronics stores (best buy, radioshack, circuit city, etc) and you plug your ethernet cable into it. Using dialup with xbox live just doesn’t work, it is far too slow.

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