Dead Rising for PS4 Confirmed & Xbox One S Release Date Revealed!...

Dead Rising for PS4 Confirmed & Xbox One S Release Date Revealed! – GS Daily News


Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco are revealing a new game soon, and Microsoft reveal the release dates and prices of the three Xbox One S models!

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Dead Rising for PS4 Confirmed & Xbox One S Release Date Revealed! - GS Daily News

Dead Rising 3 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Zombies and Combos (Xbox One Day One 2013)


  1. Playstation won dominating worldwide best powerful console ever… xboxtrash completely failed weak and pathetic what a waste garbage console, Playstation will always be on top pure and simple fact…

  2. Gotta say, PlayStation sticks to its exclusives more which is why it's better to have a PS4 so that you have more great exclusive games

  3. fuck exclusives, I'm happy Xbox one games Will be on ps4 because I sold my Xbox one.

  4. I played all the dad rising games on the Xbox360 but I didn't bought xbox one because I bought ps4 on 2013 I'm a big playstaion fan I didn't play Xbox very much so I realy realy hope that dead rising 4 will come to ps4

  5. seriously the comments on this video are pathetic. its either playstation fanboys or xbox fanboys screaming about dead rising. Im a pc gamer and I just hate how these two consoles fight all the time. both consoles are made for the same thing. gaming and playing with friends. stop moaning. your the reason cross platform may not even happen with ps4 and xbox.

  6. Dead Rising 1 is the best game in the franchise. So glad its getting a remake and also going to PC.

    Let's just hope its a good port.

  7. The new features on xbox s are silly-it doesny afect the gameplay-not worth to buy-better wait for scorpio

  8. dead rising has always been xbox and pc only so should stay that way iv had a ps4 never had a bigger peace of SHIT in my life

  9. too many queers trying to convince others to buy the console they buoght. what if i told you that people have preference
    mine is xbox but i also have ps4
    please stop acting like deranged kids

  10. its not coming out in december…. lol, the date on gamestops website is a filler date until they know whats happening.

  11. How could you have "played this for a little bit" and still not know what the fuck to do?

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