Ready for Destiny 2? Not sure which platform (PC, PS4, XB1) to pre-order the game on? Hopefully this video helps you choose which platform to play Destiny 2 and the Destiny 2 beta on.

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Destiny 2: Should You Play on PC, PS4 or Xbox One? (Best Platform)

Destiny 2: Should You Play on PC, PS4 or Xbox One?


  1. good vid. If the city falls and it looks like it will, that means we're out in the wild. Hunters are out in the wild. And so is Lysander and his peeps. That's why I think Cayde is going to be central.

  2. I switched to PC shortly after The Taken King came out and had prayed Destiny 2 would come out on PC.

  3. peeps stop lying to yourself, you ARE going to preorder this game, even if you say you learned from the division, you still bought no mans sky didnt you? cmon guys stop kidding yourself 😀



    GG Bungie, that's not how platform exclusives work, wanna know how they work?

    Each platform gets their own exclusives that makes the platform just as special as others, I understand how the PC edition is getting the most exclusives because it new to Destiny. But that doesn't mean Xbox shouldn't have its own specialness that other platforming gamers don't have….

  5. borderlands style imo… they should have the old characters you play as in game but not as playable charecters as a kind of elder guardian or something.

  6. If it was ever on one console and one console only it would probably be PlayStation.because of all the PlayStation exclusives destiny has

  7. It makes me sad that Destiny is coming to all platforms instead of just for PS4… it should 've stayed an exclusive

  8. woot, Destiny 2 in 2018.
    I'm not falling for the dlc bs this time around. gonna wait for the bundle this has everything

  9. Hope there is an ACTUAL story to follow and read into this time, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Hope it is open world like the 1st was suppose to be, but again, I'm not getting my hopes up. To much shady business went down in Destiny one to earn a pre-order. If you can, pre-order, play the beta and then cancel the pre-order. Let's make BungieVision EARN it this time around!

  10. Lol preordering for a beta? Great logic there.
    I'll wait for it to come out and get a few patches to see if they continue their trend of nerfing everything to the ground…If they do they can keep it

  11. if you want to play with hackers go to PC, if you want exclusives go to ps4. If you just wanna play destiny 2, go to xbox one

  12. I wish Destiny 2 had no ps4 exclusives so people could swap their characters between the three platforms.

  13. How players are confused what system you should buy for destiny 2. Its easy ps4 all the way, if not PC. Why bc ps can do better shit then xbox and ps4. Sorry ps4 fans, but no warry im a PlayStation fans too. Just enjoy your the little things in life

  14. Lol you funny zenGuardian. You talking shit about ps4 Internet pros but. Internet pros stuff thats all the system not only ps4.

  15. Look. It's simple…real simple. Would you be happy as a second class citizen I guess no. Then why would you want to be a second class gamer. Do not play this game. There are better & different games to play. This practice is not " just business " it's bad & amoral business practice. Don't make excuses for Bungie. Those who buy this game on Xbox will vicariously support excluding nonsense. Critically think for a moment & you will realise that you can do without this game. Destiny in of itself is not a bad game but what Bungie do is just plain wrong. Move on & you will play more games, have better experiences on new games in the same time spent playing Destiny. Don't do the same old strike, nightfall or raid for the umpteenth time for all three characters play new games. Games where you are not excluded content.

  16. Awesome video dude, I wasnt sure which platform I should buy Destiny 2 on. I have Destiny on the Xbox One, but also have a Playstation 4 and PC, so I could buy it for either of those instead. But as you said all of the problems with the Playstation network make it not worth it, plus I am curious to see what kind of bonus content pre-existing characters get.
    So thank you so much for helping me decide which platform im buying it on.
    Destiny 2 on Xbox One (Or Project Scorpio) here I come!

  17. PC for me. Destiny 2 will be my first PC game since rollercoaster tycoon 3. The reason I'm switching to PC is because some of my best friends on Xbox one who I play with everytime I get on or they get on are switching over to PC as well. We're such good friends that they've even offered to send a few parts my way to build the PC.

  18. Top 5 Reasons For PC

    1. free online service no membership
    2. smoother gameplay and better graphics
    3. more control
    4. pc is one of the best communities
    5. Steam sales like omg big ass discounts on so many games

  19. Sticking to Xbox One because my laptop won't support Destiny because of how bad it is with games and I don't have a PS4 plus all my games are on Xbox

  20. I'm either playing on xbone or pc. I have a ps4 and i know ps gets exclusives, but I refuse to support year-long exclusives by purchasing the ps4 copy of the game. Xbone is just as good (live being better) and the majority of my friends are there. Then there's pc… I recently got a fairly decent gaming pc. regardless of the platform, i will ONLY purchase destiny 2 if it has a fucking STORY at launch and @ 60fps.

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