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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2: King of Hearts Challenge


Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2: King of Hearts Challenge


  1. Wow you are amazing!
    Hey,sorry if my question is rather silly but,what buttons you use to clone the Burning Gundam?
    I have the game in PS3.I tried but failed to clone with the SP attack at level 3
    Please tell me D:

  2. I remember i was almost finished defeating the last boss in this mission by 1% health left until punched me once…

  3. Whenever I tried using the Burning Gundam's Burning Slash Clone technique the Enemy Aces just Jet-Boosted out of the way before the Attack landed. Why didn't the Aces Avoid your attacks?

  4. I've been trying to unlock the Skill: "DG Cells" for Kira, who is currently Lv. 50, and that skill currently has a 10% Probability. I tried playing lots of missions with the Master Gundam, AND the Musha Gundam(Since those are the Mobile Suits who carry that skill), but It just Will NOT unlock. Any Advice?

  5. How do you make winning that Mission look so Easy!?
    I just Barely won the Extra Mission that unlocks Rank 4 Parts for the ZZ Gundam,
    and still haven't Obtained any Rank 4 ZZ Gundam Parts

  6. 18 diffrent animes pulled together in a game hell yeash another century episode 2, and 3 are great 104 playble units oh hell yeah !

  7. you gundam fans should get another century episode 2 , and 3, there awesome there much mechas from diffrent animes and gundams involved also eureka seven prince of darkness and more

  8. I used DGcells to keep my health up and instead of armour gain I put Penta drive. That for me is a really good combination of nearly infinite health and more attack power. I did have to get rid of range enhance though.

  9. oooooh, damn, i thought that rank 4 parts would allow you to oule everyting on the parts, like mele, mobility, an armor

  10. sorr sorry.. i know im probably extremely annoying, but my final question, ehats the ifference between rank 3 an 4 parts? i dont get the difference i this game

  11. i as asking you the best way to get skills, but i found out. aslo what skills are neede to beat this, i lost with overrive, dg cells and idk what else, and tht almost always keeps me alive, until domon used burning shadows

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