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Easy way to get money without cheats in the sims 3 pets for xbox 360


Easy way to get money without cheats in the sims 3 pets for xbox 360


  1. You can set up a home which will always be there for every game you play by first looking and planting money trees and bringing them to perfect condition.. say 20 of them… then deconstruct the house to an empty lot as you will have no problem later buying that house when you first copy and save the lot with the money trees on that lot using the copy and replace option for the houses on the map… deconstruct the house, use the terrain tools and make a nice manicured lot with mowed grass and the money trees already planted.. copy the property and it will always be there for any game you start.. it will give you about 50k worth of money every week if you have about 20 money trees or so.. the best place to do this is the house across from the garden spot so you can go over there and garden and improve your garden skills as you start the game.. take the garden trait or green thumb trait whatever its called and when you get Karma 20,000 get the green thumb there as well.. You have to talk to the trees to get them to improve in quality from nice or very nice to outstanding to perfect eventually.. when you get to perfect tree, it will produce the most money for you every bag you harvest.. the garden across the street helps in using tomatoes or some other garden vegetable to use for fertilizer as well.. You play the game one time to set this up, and its there for you every time after, 20 money trees producing good cash..

  2. I got a different one you make ur family then you get 2 swings from the kids section and then keep pressing rb then you keep getting 400 simeoleons

  3. instead of Spawning in the cars Spawn some simlife goggles, they are worth more when you sell them.($7,125) I'll comment again if I find something worth more

  4. This is really helpful but I don't really want the kleptomaniac trait but I can just make someone extra and kill him or her off

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