Games for Xbox!! Very confused. Please answer?

Games for Xbox!! Very confused. Please answer?


I have a budget of rs.1400 and I want to buy Xbox games.

1) Halo

2) Gears Of Wars

3) Mass effect

4) Far cry

Please tell which is the best.

You can also tell any other game too. Even kinect games.

thanks in advance! 😀 :)

I am a free member NOT the Xbox live gold member

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  1. Well IF You Can Get Two Games get Halo And Far Cry The Game’s Are Addictive And You Wont Get Bored For a Long Period Of Time

  2. Halo – best multiplayer but requires Gold membership

    Gears Of War – third person shooter And my FAVORITE!! :)

    Mass Effect – Aliens & Sci-Fi & Dark and Creepy (You might like it as many others do but it freaks me out)

    Far Cry- Amazing First person shooter and open world game. You can do whatever you want (almost) it is definitely fun and amongst my favorite games (i do hope you’re talking about Far Cry 2 or 3 because Far Cry 1 was kinda tedeous)

  3. If u like kinect.then buy the kinect sports or dance central.nd if u want controller.BUY HALO AND GEARS OF WAR. end of story. HALO IS THE BEST!!

  4. If you can, get both Halo and Far Cry. These games are well worth your money and will keep you occupied for a long time.

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