I’m just wondering if it’s like, only me, or everyone. The guys at school, when they hear I play halo and stuff their reactions are SO FUNNY! So strange! They’re like OMFG ME TOO! GOD YOUR SUCH A BEAST! And it’s REALLY funny and they’re all asking me if I have xbox live (umm I do but only silver that comes free :( I needa buy gold, and I probably will sometime this weekend.)

Just does this happen to you all, too? I find it REALLY amusing!! hah!

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  1. ok. i play halo and all those games and stuff to i hve all the game stations and everything i could every have with games. just tell them or if they mke fun of u that it is a free country and to leave you alone and if they like you then tey willl be nice to you about asking you the?’s so,.,, contact me at [email is not allowed] with any information

  2. yeah, i am a girl (mid 20s) and have played video games my whole life. I have had several guys freak out that I played diablo. i play xbox360 all the time online. i enjoy, and am good at video games. i get annoyed with girls that attempt to play to get that kind of reaction from guys but really can’t play at all. that gives us girls a bad reputation. i try not to talk when i do play online because they start being jerks or get really nervous. and if you are attractive (of course only your school friends would apply) on top of it, they freak out.

  3. Yeah That Happens To Me They Say ” A Girl WOOW ” And Im Just Like Hey Im Cool. I Play Xbox 360 , PS3 And Every Console You Can Think Of. There Just Being Boys Dont Worry! LOL!

  4. fsho, I play the wii all the time! haha. anyway, don’t have an Xbox but I was thinking about getting one. yea people say that, especially guys. just look at it as a little more attention. 😀

  5. Omg i soo know what you mean!

    i have friends who hear me say i love halo, and they bug out!

  6. To me personally. It doesn’t really matter. What’s wrong with a girl playing a game. Nothing! It’s just a girl playing a video game. Well don’t think I am am trying to help you. I am just telling my opinion.

  7. i play xbox 360 and my brother-in-law gets mad when i beat him, and yells at my boyfriend for letting me play. he hates when girls play and hates it even more when they beat him.

  8. lol i aint a girl but my sister plays cod5 on xbox 360!

    On xbox live when she plays better than some of the boys on there, they start to swear and stuff aha its fun xD

  9. that happens 2 me 2 and i like 2 talk 2 my guy friends about defferent levels and games and stuff.I think more girls should play videogames,its fun.But if u want 2 play on live,which is awsome,u need a gold membership.The cheepest 1 is 10 bucks for a month,i usally get the 3 month 1 for 30 bucks i think.:)

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