Hand of Fate Gameplay Ep 01 – “More Than Just A Card...

Hand of Fate Gameplay Ep 01 – “More Than Just A Card Game!!!” 1080p PC PS4 Xbox One


Hand of Fate Gameplay Ep 01 -


  1. it scares you too I bet sometimes I feel the game is more of something from the otherside if you get my drift?

  2. you're garbage under pressure.

    You didn't take one hit of damage all the way up to Jack of Dust, then the moment the fight started you turned into a babbling idiot. I've seen Birds on freeways with stronger willpower. The streak of yellow you left could only be matched by a stampede of Elephants with diarrhea.

  3. Thanks! I was thinking this was gonna be a boring card game but actually looks pretty fun. Gonna download it now since it's free with Gold

  4. I'm only here because of an Xbox rumor that this game could be free……… I hope not

  5. This games gets increasingly more difficult near the end. Definitely worth the 25bucks tho.

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