Hand of Fate Gameplay Ep 05 – “King Of Dust!!!” 1080p PC...

Hand of Fate Gameplay Ep 05 – “King Of Dust!!!” 1080p PC PS4 Xbox One


Hand of Fate Gameplay Ep 05 -


  1. I am a random douchebag who has never heard of your channel before. This is an awesome game play and want to see more. Likes on everything. Keep going!

  2. Generik, I watch and follow the cards, and I'm right 100% of the time so far
    Idk what your problem is, you crazy hermit

  3. Genny card watching isn't full proof but you can get a good idea of where the cards go. I struggle with the double shuffle but say you want a success card but you can't see where it went and the failure card went on top you can tell where the failure card is and avoid it xD and if there's more than one failure card and you can only follow the one it still helps your chances :)

  4. i think you can remove curses (like the "loose gold after every battle" one) at the healer and the priest

  5. I love this series so much, that I just bought this game myself. All thanks to your vids GB. Keep up the great work. I really really hope this series carries on past episode 7.

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