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How much will a PS4 cost in total?


I live in Salinas, CA our tax rate is 8%. But I have no idea how much the warranty will cost. It’s just the console with a controller and headset, no games


  1. My advice is buy the console for $399 plus 8% ( just do the math , it’s simple ) 8 x4 plus 399

    the retai stores get their extended warranty coverage from 3rd party insurers so they charge a premium price plus a fee so buy the warranty from sony in the playstation store after you register the ps4 and sign in with a psn account

    you can choose a regular warranty for $49.99 ( no tax ) and get 3 years coverage , plus if you want to add accidental damage coverage which covers it even if you drop it or get it wet that’s an extra $59.99 but its optional ( must be bought in the first 30 days to be valid )

    stores typically charge $69 for 2 years and they won;t sell accident coverage

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