How to Contact PlayStation Support (PS4/PS3)

How to Contact PlayStation Support (PS4/PS3)


PlayStation Support Number: 1-800-345-7669
Playstation twitter support:
PlayStation website:

Chat is available:
Monday – Saturday, 6AM – 10PM, PST
Sunday, 8AM – 8PM, PST

This is a video on how to contact/talk/chat with PSN/Sony customer support! If you have any problems with hackers, reporting anyone, or anything like that, they will help you!
They also not only help with ps4 problems but also ps3 and ps vita!
I myself have actually had good experience with their support!
Snapchat: “spllitz”

How to Contact PlayStation Support (PS4/PS3)


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  1. When it comes to money I get sketchy about things and one of my family members reported there card stolen when I bought some stuff on the PS4 she never said that they were approved so my account got suspended until I pay back $96 but I'm not sure if it's true or not cause I've never heard about that rule ? It could be true but I just need someone to verify this is true

  2. oh im talking to the i wanna know why i cant sign into my ps3 what the hell is error 80710016

  3. i send messeges!!!! about 12h ago!!! And no answers!! thats active?? + i tweet 2 tweets nothing!!!!! wtf

  4. I keep getting JavaScript errors when trying to use YT, And internet being internet has no fuking help

  5. Yeah I need to called is because all my saved data from Lego marvels avengers on the PS3 is like all deleted it I think I'm either getting hurt or my brother deleted it because it's a dickhead

  6. Dude i've been waiting to tell you that yoy really really sound like freaking brofesco bro his a famous league of legends streamer pls watch him guys and listen to his voice they really do sound desame lol hahaha

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