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Howto “Hardcode”.srt subtitles into.avi for use in Xbox?


I use my Xbox360 to watch videos and whatnot that I have torrented. I copy them onto an 8GB memory stick and plug it in said xbox. Works fine, until I get a movie with external subtitles in the form of.srt.

Rather than learn Spanish, I would like to know how to embed/hardcode/encode whatever these subtitles into the video so that it is one big happy file and my xbox will then play it. The best answer describes or points me in the direction of an easy or quick solution, that is also preferably free and legal.

Many Thanks

Oh, and don’t think I didn’t think to look for a version of the video with already hardcoded subtitles.

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  1. You can accomplish this by using VirtualDub and the (surprise!) VobSub plug-in for VirtualDub.

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