IGN Reviews – Metal Gear Solid: HD Review

IGN Reviews – Metal Gear Solid: HD Review


IGN Reviews - Metal Gear Solid: HD Review


  1. I know these are old and you can't expect miracles, but i can't notice any graphical improvement? Am i missing obvious things or?

  2. This guy is a douche bag. Why is he criticising the stories of both Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 and praising Peace Walkers story because it is total crap. That's why some people just can't be good video game critics.

  3. Look Konami, I know you're evil now and I accept that, but if you could just touch this up a little further and re-release this collection on the PS4 that would be swell.

  4. I'm just funning with you though,bust seriously portable ops came after 3 then peace walker

  5. Why does everyone exclude portable ops,it goes 3,portable ops,then peace walker lol

  6. Dated feel? How is that an argument to take away points in this case? MGS 2 alone has better gameplay animations than most triple A games of the last decade. I do agree the stories are messed up…Kojima needs to see a shrink.

  7. Metal Gear Solid 1 is the best in my opinion. Its flaw was trying to be a movie rather than a video game. I don't think MGS2's story was canon, although i'm not sure about MGS3 and 4's story since I never played those.

  8. MGS 5 phantom pain was horrible!! and the worst in the series. You repeat the same 3 tasks over & over. I made it to mission 10 & called it quits! I miss the cutscenes & linearity. Metal gear has no business being an open world game!

  9. I'm relatively new to the Metal Gear games. I've played Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain and I like them both and I'm interested in trying out the others. Is this HD collection worth it?

  10. I was thinking of getting MGS3 for the 3DS but I think that I'm gonna get this insread.

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